Dennis Rader – Serial Killer Profiling


Dennis Lynn Radar (born March 9, 1945) is an American serial killer and mass murderer who murdered ten people in Sedgwick County (in and around Wichita, Kansas), between 1974 and 1991.

He is infamously known as the BTK killer or BTK Strangler. BTK stands for ‘bind, torture and kill’ this became his fabled signature. Radar’s first documented killing occurred in 1974 in Wichita.

Otero family

The Otero family were new to the area (Joseph Otero, Julie Otero, Josephine Otero and Joseph Otero, Jr). Evidence suggested that his primary victim in this case was that of Josephine Otero aged 11. However, January 15 1974, he murdered the entire family residing in the house.

Here are the documented details concerning this shocking massacre.

Radar suffocated the 38 year old father of two with a plastic bag, he then proceeded to strangle 34 year old Julie Otero with a rope which he had in fact bought along with him to the house for the obvious purpose of physical restriction and strangulation. Radar also suffocated 9 year old Joseph Otero, Jr. Additionally the murder of Josephine Otero appeared to be the most prolific. Radar took 11 year old Josephine downstairs and hung her from a drainpipe in the basement using a rope. Whilst watching the life drain from Josephine he masturbated over her dying body.

It is apparent that he obtains an unusual sexual gratification from females dying before him due to his physical interaction. But did this amount to a sexual motive? The purpose of this post is to delve into the surrounding details and evidence found during his murderous reign in order to identify a possible reasoning for his acts. I accept that it will never be possible for another human being to actually know why serial killers murder people. However, it is possible to compare each murder he committed and identify a possible pattern between them allowing us to try and piece together a potential mind set which Radar may have been experiencing.

Along with the murder of the Otero family, Radar claimed 6 other victims. The next murder did not occur until 9 months later (October, 1974).

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Interview with former FBI profiler Pete Klismet

Profiles of Murder

Today I’m honored and thrilled to have on my blog former FBI Special Agent Pete Klismet.  He was selected to be one of the original group of criminal profilers in the 1980s. He is the founder of Criminal Profiling Associates on the web at: Pete is a retired FBI criminal profiler who teaches, writes, and provides consulting services on this subject. Pete is here to help us understand exactly what he was trained to do—profile criminals.


“How’d you know that?”

“Are you some sort of a psychic?”

“Do you have a crystal ball or something?”

Anyone who has been trained in criminal profiling and has worked with law enforcement agencies or has taught about the concept in college has heard all of these comments.  And many more.  The word “profiling” conjures up some sinister images in people’s…

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College Students Cheer Sex Abuse


A Freshman Week Chant Shows How Deep Rape Culture Goes



” Consider this your humorless, offended feminist scolding of the day. Student leaders at Halifax’s Saint Mary’s University are being disciplined after an Instagram video posted on Monday revealed them leading an orientation week chant extolling the joys of sexual assault. And disciplined they should be.

The brief clip shows a crowd of students, male and female, chanting, “SMU boys, we like them young. Y is for your sister. O is for oh so tight. U is for underage. N is for no consent. G is for grab that ass.” And W is for WTF? The CBC reports that students say the chant has been part of frosh week activities “for years.” But student union president Jared Perry has apologized for it and vowed, “It will not continue in the future.” University spokesman Steve Proctor adds that all…

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